Some collected bits from either linguistics or philosophy
which might be some use at some point,
and some of which I wrote myself

  • On editorial we (10/11/21)

  • Interview with late Lila Gleitman on her academic journey (Gleitman, Lila R., et al. "The impossibility of language acquisition (and how they do it)." Annual Review of Linguistics 5 (2019): 1-24.

  • Morton, John. "On recursive reference." Cognition 4.4 (1976) from Gleitman, Lila R., and Claire Gleitman. "The violin case." Cognition (2021).

  • Guidelines for respectful, constructive, and inclusive philosophical discussion by David Chalmers, and also How to Ask Questions At Conferences and Colloquia from Prawfs Blawg

  • A reasonably persuasive argument against cogito: link

  • An x of Philosophers (common noun for philosophers, among those proposed: "a quicksand of philosophers", "a dissent", "a confusion"), from Daily Nous