Northwestern University

Author, linguist,


  • Adjunct faculty in English Dept. of Kamianske 16 High School, Ukraine (finishing in Spring 2021)

  • Curriculum and Assessment Advisor at ENGin

  • Co-founder of Mavka

Daniil Ozernyi = [ˈdɑːnɪəl o̞zʲɛrnᵻj]; he/him/his

Most recent:

The paper L1 vs. L2 vs. L3 transfer: grammatical gender and determiner acquisition in sequential quadrilinguals was presented at the 95th Annual Meeting of Linguistics Society of America. See "Research" tab for slides and abstract. The paper will be published in the proceedings.

British Literature, 2nd Ed. (Daniil Ozernyi and Olha Sierostanova, 2020) and American Literature: A Beginner's Anthology (ed. by Daniil Ozernyi, 2020) have come out in September in Ukraine.

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