Current Work

Linguistics is the scientific study of the language. I am interested in intersection between theoretical linguistics and language acquisition. Specifically, I have been investigating how learners acquire third and fourth languages and what are the principles which inform these processes. Ultimately, the goal is to work towards a principled (formalized, idealized, universalized) model of language acquisition (or, at least, theory which explains how previous languages affect the acquisition of the new ones).

As of right now, I also serve as a Curriculum and Assessment Advisor for the ENGin program where I apply my experience on the intersection of linguistics and language teaching to guide designing and developing curriculum as well as review designing, validating, and developing assessment frameworks of the program. With ENGin, I also do research on language testing: (i) on usage of English Vocabulary Profile from Cambridge Assessment English for artificial assessment of lexical resources, (ii) on skill set for evaluators of second language speaking/writing, (iii) on content reliability of Eastern European reading examinations.

Research Interests

  • generative (minimalistic, really) approaches to L2...n acquisition

  • epistemology of inquiry into Ln acquisition and "transfer" studies

  • intersection of generative linguistics and language teaching

  • language testing


PRP -- peer-reviewed piece (e.g., a paper, report, etc.)

CP -- conference proceeding

SP -- solicited piece (e.g., a review)

J -- journal publication


IT -- invited talk

RT -- refereed talk (e.g., a conference paper presentation)

PP -- poster presentation


(forthcoming) PP Ozernyi, Daniil M. (2021, Oct 9). Vocabulary profiling of Polish “Matura”: corpus-based inquiry into content validity for high-stakes Central European state ESL examination [Poster presentation]. MwALT 2021: Midwestern Association of Language Testers. Iowa State University. Ames, IA. Abstract; poster.

(forthcoming) RT Ozernyi, Daniil M. (2021, Oct 15-16). EVP as a tool for evaluating the CEFR level-appropriateness of ESL reading examinations: corpus analysis of Ukrainian state assessment [Conference talk]. English Language Testing Society Conference, United States (virtual). Abstract; slides.

(in press, a review) SP J Ozernyi, D. M. Jason Rothman, Jorge González Alonso, & Eloi Puig-Mayenco: THIRD LANGUAGE ACQUISITION AND LINGUISTIC TRANSFER. Cambridge University Press, 2019. Applied Linguistics, Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/applin/amab040; Preprint.

RT Ozernyi, Daniil M. (2021, Mar 18). The crossroads of four languages: the complexity of language identity of quardilinguals in central Ukraine [Conference talk]. Multilingualism on My Mind (MoMM): Exploring Multilingualism in Education, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway (online). Links: the Abstract, slides, the OSF page.

  • (at the MoMM 2021 conference) chair of the session Multilingual pedagogy from an Interdisciplinary Perspective (3B) on 03/18/21, 13:45-15:25

CP Ozernyi, Daniil M. "L1 vs. L2 vs. L3 transfer: Evidence contra wholesale transfer models and privileged languages from grammatical gender and definiteness acquisition in sequential quardilinguals." Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America 6.1 (2021): 9-23. DOI: 10.3765/plsa.v6i1.4891

RT Ozernyi, Daniil M. (2021, Jan 8). L1 vs. L2 vs. L3 transfer: grammatical gender and determiner acquisition in sequential quadrilinguals [Conference talk]. 95th Annual Meeting of Linguistics Society of America, San-Francisco, CA, United States (online). Slides, abstract.


IT Daniil Ozernyi. Elements of theater in Français langue étrangère: enhancing pragmatic competence at Northfield Mount Hermon Scholarly Series (Shauffler Library, Fall 2020).

IT Daniil Ozernyi. US vs Ukraine: language education in middle and high school, elicited expert session for biggest in Eastern Europe international educational conference EdCamp Ukraine


Qualifying paper 2 for section of Pedagogy of Jr. Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: Озерний, Д. (2019). Розвиток соціально-активної особистості у середовищі шкільного самоврядування (Developing a socially active personality in the environment of school government). Дніпропетровське відділення Малої академії наук України, Відділення філософії та суспільствознавства, секція “Педагогіка.” Slides for the talk.


Qualifying paper 1 for section of Pedagogy of Jr. Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: Озерний, Д. (2018). Розвиток аналітико-синтетичних навичков учнів засобами інтегрованого навчання (Development of students’ analytical-synthetical thinking by means of integrated learning). Дніпропетровське відділення Малої академії наук України, Відділення філософії та суспільствознавства, секція “Педагогіка.”

CP Daniil Ozernyi. Інтегроване навчання в сучасному освітньому процеці та CLIL-методологія (Integrated learning in modern educational process and CLIL methodology)// Materials of IV conference “Modern tendencies in chemistry teaching”. – 04/14/2018. – Ivan Franko Lviv University, Lviv, Ukraine.

IT Daniil Ozernyi. Research prospects for students: development and concerns. Opening remarks for regional competition of research papers of MAS of Ukraine.


CP Daniil Ozernyi. Розвиток аналітико-синтетичних навичок учнів засобами інтегрованого навчання (Development of analytical-synthetical skills by means of integrated learning) // Materials of III conference “Modern tendencies in chemistry teaching” – 03/24/2017. – Ivan Franko Lviv University, Lviv, Ukraine.


PRP Ozernyi, D., Nikolenko, L. M..Аналiз стану самоврядування у сучасних загальноосвiтнiх навчальних закладах. Український психолого-педагогiчний науковий збiрник, №7.07 (2016): 90-95.


PRP Ozerniy, Danil, Inna V. Kurinna, and Yaroslav S. Bondarenko. "Synthesis and alkylation of amide obtained by N-Phthaloylglycine and himic acid hydrazide." Journal of Chemistry and Technologies 23.2 (2015): 10-14. DOI:


“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. ”

- Bertrand Russel in The Triumph of Stupidity, 1933