School English Olympiad for the 11th grade

The Olympiad will take place in mixed format (in part remotely, and in part in-person) on Thursday and Friday October 15th and 16th respectively. The detailed information and schedule follow.


Reading (remotely): 5pm-6pm

You will be asked to read a series of 4 texts and complete a set of tests accompanying these texts. The LINK to the test will appear HERE on Thursday at 5pm. You will have only one attempt to complete the testing.

The reading section is now completed!

Writing (remotely): 6pm-6.45pm

The PROMPT for the writing will appear HERE at 6pm on Thursday. You will have 45 minutes to hand-write your essay and send photo(s) of it to Late work will not be accepted!

The writing section is now completed!


Speaking (in-person): 2pm-3pm, room #27

Please come to room #27 at 2pm. You will receive all the instructions there.

The speaking section is complete now!

Listening (remotely): 5pm-6pm

The recording and the testing will be published here at 5pm on Friday. The test will take place in the following manner:

  • at 5pm both the link to the test and the recording will be published here.

  • you will need to open the link with the test and then listen to the recording 1 time, and at 5.04pm the recording will be taken down

  • then you will need to complete the first part of test

  • at 5.20pm the recording will appear again on this page, and you will be able to listen to it again - but only one time since at 5.24pm the recording will be taken down

  • you will then need to complete the second part of the testing by 5.40pm

(you will have access at 5-5.04pm and at 5.20-5.24pm)


With any questions please reach out to!